WM Masonry first established in 1999. A small family run business set in the Cotswolds. Banker Masonry is a Craftsman skill that has existed throughout the centuries and the Cotswolds are predominant in this craft.


We specialise in all types of stone work incorporating simple Chamfers to Tracery Windows and also all aspects of Classical Architectural building masonry. Here at WM Masonry we understand the working of stone and take great precision in producing our finished products. Stone has to be bedded in a certain way so that the finished work sits in the same orientation as it was formed originally. Some stones need to be orientated correctly for application; these include Voussoirs, Jambs, Copings and Cornices



WM Masonry was founded in 1999 by Wayne Meredith, who still owns and operates the company, he trained as a bankers stone mason out of his love of stone. His passion has lead to the creation of some of the most beautiful stone masonry in the world. His passion for creativity is only matched by his aim to satisfy customer expectations by delivering quality products on time.

Today WM Masonry is made up of a small team of highly experianced Banker Stone Masons that are able to design and create high quality stonework. WM Masonry will always match the customers needs so if all the customer wants is something made, thats fine but if the customer wants something bespoke we are able to tailor to everyones needs, we are able to supply any stonework throughout the UK

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